Hunsberger Alzheimer's and Aging Lab

Lab Members

Lainey Toennies, Laboratory Technician
Lainey graduated from Iowa State University with her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, focusing in companion animal nutrition. While at Iowa State, Lainey discovered her passion for teaching others. She tutored students in the sciences and assisted in anatomy and physiology laboratory courses. After graduating, she interned at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.  There she studied nutrition. Lainey led Egyptian Fruit Bat population nutrition studies and developed a hydroponics program intended for the nutritional enrichment of various species across the zoo. 
Lainey provides a unique perspective at the Hunsberger Alzheimer’s and Aging Lab.  Her keen eye for detail accompanied her as she was tasked with the job of refining the newly established laboratory at Rosalind Franklin University. A latin proverb states, “by teaching, we learn”.  Lainey uses this phrase to enhance herself both in and out of the laboratory.  When she isn’t in the laboratory, you can find Lainey with a camera in hand photographing pets and wildlife, or at home baking and crafting with her two labradors by her side. 
Kameron Kaplan, Rotating Graduate Student