Hunsberger Alzheimer's and Aging Lab

Mentoring Philosophy

As a neuroscientist, it is my responsibility to not only design and execute behavioral and cellular experiments, but also to teach and train others about the importance of science. I aim to challenge and support my students in pursuit of three learning goals: (1) to understand basic neurobiology concepts, (2) gain independence and problem solving skills, and (3) become effective science communicators who are able to work with a diverse group of people. I want my students to leave the classroom with a scientific skillset that will not only benefit them in the laboratory, but will also give them an advantage in daily life. Many of the skills that I learned in graduate school have become very useful in all aspects of my life. 

During my 4 years of graduate school I mentored approximately 10 undergraduate students, five of which were summer research interns. I helped these students develop their projects, analyze data, and write their research papers. In addition to mentoring, I was a graduate teaching assistant for psychology 101 for 4 semesters. As a postdoctoral scientist I continue to mentor high school and undergraduate students. These students have gone onto attend prestigious colleges and graduate schools.