Sep 29, 2021

Project Encephalon Talk: Learning and Memory


Jul 28, 2021

ISTAART Neuropsychiatric Syndromes PIA


Apr 25, 2021

Female brain, anxiety, Alzheimer's: towards a new paradigm. Holly Hunsberger | International Science


Sep 14, 2020

Cognitive training to enhance cognitive reserve in aging mice


May 2, 2020

Alzheimer's Trainee Happy Hour #4, Holly Hunsberger

Alzheimer's Afternoons seminar series. Every Tuesday and Thursday 3pm EDT. On Friday they have happy hour with two talks from trainees. (Link)

Apr 27, 2020

Holly Hunsberger Shares Insight about SfN’s TPDA

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a pilot initiative focused on building the skills, knowledge, and confidence in trainees so that they can effectively perform as leaders. Participants are selected from the highest-ranking graduate students a... (Link)

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Sep 11, 2017

ADDF - Holly Hunsberger - 2017 ADDF Young Investigator Scholar

Holly Hunsberger, 2017 ADDF Young Investigator Scholar, introduces her work to be presented at the 18th International Conference on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery (September 11-12, 2017, Jersey City, NJ) - review additional information at (Link)

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May 3, 2017

Using Enzyme-based Biosensors to Measure Tonic and Phasic Glutamate in Alzheimer's Mouse Models

Here, we describe the setup, software navigation, and data analysis for a spatially and temporally precise method of measuring tonic and phasic extracellular glutamate changes in vivo using enzyme-linked microelectrode arrays (MEA). (Link)

Feb 17, 2017

Postdocs, What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

I’m writing to you from the future. The year is 2017 and you are a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University Medical Center (yes, you finally graduated and got a job). I’m writing to give you advice about your path to science. It’s not an easy path, b... (Link)

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Nov 24, 2015

Holly Hunsberger's Three Minute Thesis presentation

Auburn University visiting scholar Holly Hunsberger presents her research during the university's Fall 2015 Three Minute Thesis competition. (Link)