Holly Hunsberger, PhD


"Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known." ~Carl Sagan

I am a postdoctoral research scientist with a dual appointment at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI/RFMH). I received my PhD from West Virginia University under the mentorship of Dr. Miranda Reed. There, I studied glutamate’s role in Alzheimer’s disease pathology using novel microelectrode array technology. I am now in Dr. Christine Denny’s laboratory, where I recently received a K99/R00 to study the sex-specific impact of anxiety on Alzheimer’s disease progression. Additionally, I have a fellowship with the Columbia Technology Ventures office where I work on early stage technology assessments, writing marketing abstracts, and preparing marketing campaigns. More recently, I was awarded SfN’s trainee development award and was one of the top 15 candidates in the first SfN leadership development program. When I'm not in the laboratory (pre COVID), I enjoy teaching cycling classes or singing for sporting events as fitness and music are my longtime hobbies. 


Holly Hunsberger, PhD

Behavioral Neuroscientist (she/her)



Psychiatry/Systems Neuroscience

Columbia University/ New York State Psychiatric Institute

1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 87
736 KOLB Annex