To apply:
  1. Send a cover letter and CV to
  2. Explain your research interests and why you want to join the Hunsberger Lab!
  3. Have at least 2 references to contact after initial email.
The Hunsberger Lab is always seeking highly motivated and curious undergraduate students for volunteer opportunities. Additionally, the graduate student program at Rosalind Franklin University allows for 3 laboratory rotations. We would love to have you! Lastly, we have a postdoctoral position available for Spring or Fall of 2023.
Undergraduate and Graduate student learning opportunities:
  1. Mouse husbandry and transgenic breeding
  2. Microscopy and memory trace tagging techniques
  3. In vivo rodent surgery techniques (Calcium lens implant, viral injection)
  4. Behavior and circadian studies
  5. Sex differences in disease states
  6. Neurodegeneration pathways
Postdoctoral Positions
  1. Calcium imaging combined with optogenetics
  2. Coding and programming for analysis pipeline
  3. Examining cognitive reserve across the lifespan
  4. Examining how inflammation impacts anxiety and AD progression in males and females
I aim to challenge and support my students in pursuit of three learning goals:
  1. to understand basic neurobiology concepts,
  2. gain independence and problem-solving skills, and
  3. become effective science communicators who are able to work with a diverse group of people.
I want my students to leave the laboratory with a scientific skillset that will not only benefit them in their science careers, but will also give them an advantage in daily life. Many of the skills that I learned in graduate school have become very useful in all aspects of my life.

When students learn about science, it’s typically with a textbook where they memorize and regurgitate information. I find it interesting that this is how we teach science because this is not how we do science. I believe that students should experience the joy of discovery and finding their niche. The greatest part about being a scientist is the ability to see what no one else has ever seen for the first time.

Lastly, I will do everything in my power to create an equal-opportunity environment where all backgrounds are welcome.

Those who dare to take risks will change the world.

  1. You must be curious
  2. You must be willing to fail
  3. You must be collaborative
Just like a core memory, the Hunsberger lab has core values. If you follow these three expectations, you will have an exciting scientific career. You can’t get anywhere if you aren’t curious, willing to be wrong, or willing to ask for help. I strive to create a fun and inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect. Additionally, I expect everyone in my lab to prioritize their mental health and well-being.
Conferences and Professional Development
As a graduate student or postdoc in this laboratory you will have the option to attend at least 1 conference and 1 professional development course or workshop fully funded.
Lab retreats and outings
The Hunsberger lab firmly believes in work-life balance! We will have optional lab dinners and outings to boost morale and just have fun! Science is hard. It’s okay to take a break. Just wait for the annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party….


Holly Hunsberger
3333 Green Bay Road, IRP 336
North Chicago, IL 60064